What Our Clients Say About Our Electrical Services


Wow! Eddie is truly a master of his craft, not to mention extremely down to earth, patient, and intelligent. Because of his careful explanations, attention to detail, and patience to fix what seemed like a never-ending mix of problems, he was able to resolve the situation quickly, safely, and effectively... even taking the time to share with us important basics in electricity! Not to mention, my problem resulted in needing PG&E, and Eddie not only spoke to them on the phone several times but waited with me for them to show up and explain the situation. I couldn't have gotten thru all of that without him! If you are in a jam, fear not as he knows how to save the day!

Thanks again Eddie!!

Customer Review

Robert B.

11/18/2019 When our power went out on a Sunday night, Eddie was quick to answer our call…

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Cory D.

8/14/2020 I was dumb and turned my breakers off. When I tried to turn it back on,…

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Susan B.

4/20/2020 10 stars out of 5. I made the big mistake of plugging my hair dryer and…

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D H.

7/27/2019 The pluses.  Eddie came out on a weeknight with almost no notice.  He was very helpful,…

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Anthony G.

8/15/2020 Eddie really know his stuff.  As many others have noted, he is a fantastic diagnostician, he’s…

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C K.

7/25/2020 Eddie is very responsive, kind, experienced and thorough, but quite expensive.

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Javier V.

3/22/2020 My power went out in my kitchen late in a sunday night and I couldnt seem…

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Tami C.

1/31/2020 Early evening I was having an electrical issue in my kitchen and didn’t want my fully…

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Tara K.

11/20/2019 Eddy is a literal godsend! While other places cost $200 just to send an electrician out…

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Seth R.

10/16/2019 I needed to get an electrician to install 220V plugs for Level 2 EV chargers.  I…

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Kendra J.

7/1/2019 Writing on behalf of my husband. We had an electrical problem at our really old apartment….

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Eli H.

2/19/2020 Had one breaker trip and called A 24 Electric Co immediately. Eddie was very quick to…

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