D H.


The pluses.  Eddie came out on a weeknight with almost no notice.  He was very helpful, and did a great job.  He fixed an electrical malfunction that could have been serious.  He was such a nice guy and I greatly appreciate his promptness and his skill.

The minuses.  Expensive is an understatement.  Just to make a “house call” in the evening was over $600!  On top of that, there was a “travel charge.”  Ironically, the cost of doing the work was less than the house call and travel costs.  I was over the proverbial eight ball and had no choice but to have an electrician come out – but wow, the cost of having him come out on a “rush” was shocking.  

The conclusion.  Eddie is great if you need good service, at any hour, and are prepared to pay a huge amount for the service.