EV Charging Station Installation for San Francisco, CA

Are you the proud owner of a new electric vehicle? Then you need to be prepared to charge your vehicle. Instead of searching for a charging station to take your vehicle to, consider a residential EV charging station installation in San Francisco, CA. A 24 Electric Co. offers this installation service so you can experience the convenience of having your own charging station. 

What Is an EV Charging Station?

An EV charging station provides power to your electric vehicle to charge the battery, hence the name EV charging station. However, there is more than one level of charger.

Level 1

The first level of charging technically isn’t a station at all. This level is actually the outlet on your house’s exterior. You have the ability to charge your electric vehicle by connecting the plug to an outlet in your home. However, it is slower at charging than the other levels. But, it will get the job done.

Level 2

A level 2 charging station is the most common type of charger you will find, as most public charging stations are this level. A level 2 charging station charges your vehicle much faster than level 1. 

Level 3

This level of charging station charges your vehicle faster than the other two levels. A level 3 charger works by directly charging your vehicle’s battery. 

What Factors Into Installation Cost?

Cost is determined by the model of the charging station you have installed, the particular electrician you have do the installation, and whether you need to make any garage or electrical panel modifications. If you want a 30-amp charger versus a 16-amp, it will cost more.

Each electrician charges different labor hours. Plus, you must consider if you need to have us install a new electrical panel that can handle an EV charging station. Finally, certain charging stations need to be covered, therefore, you must either have a garage or a different type of coverage, or you must have one built. 

When you’re ready to install your EV charging station, call A 24 Electric Co. at (415) 664-6611.