Stuart G.


For service – 5 stars. Price – 1 star. Hence 3 stars. And because of the other reviews of exorbitant and unreasonable fees minus 1 star to = 2 stars, I have just decided.
Just under $840 for less than 3 hours of work. No material involved.
If money is no issue then this is the guy for you. We got ripped off, but not as bad as some others who were charged $300-400 for a tripped breaker.
These guys charge $295/hr. plus a travel fee. A travel fee? We’re in SF, they’re in SF. $65 for a travel fee? That is some gall.
And I ask A 24 to explain what the $35 fee is for ‘material.’ At our place they trouble-shooted an intercom system. Maybe used a few wire nuts and I know they put in 8 wall anchors. They know what they’re doing but have some nerve to charge what they do.
If A 24 has any integrity they will reply to this posting explaining the travel fee and more importantly, the ‘material’ fee. ~ that is the icing on the cake. There really is no excuse for the $295/hr fee either, except that possibly this is SF and everyone is way too busy so they try and get as much as they can. And they do!
Oh, and did I mention that there is a $295 minimum plus the $65 travel fee. There is.
See other reviews. I am not alone. The positive reviews are likely their friends, very rich people, or both.