Howard P.


I can’t praise Eddie enough. He came out to install a charging circuit for my new car with just 12 hours notice and in the process literally saved my life.

I’ve never worked with such a wonderful professional contractor before. Not only does Eddie do what he promises for what he quotes, he goes way beyond. He took the time to explain everything he saw at my home. I thought I just needed a quick cable run to a new 240v socket but Eddie quickly found a major flaw in my homes wiring. While scoping the job he discovered that the lighting circuit for the entire ground floor wasn’t wired through a breaker but directly to the bus rails of the panel (something that at least 4 other licensed electrical contractors had ignored over the last 10 years)! Any short could have resulted in a fire, the loss of my home and potentially my life. How do you put a dollar value on that? His work is meticulous. He prides himself in getting the details right and doing what is actually needed, not what is quickest or cheapest. If you want a quick and dirty fix, look elsewhere, Eddie will give you a solution that lasts.

For those who complained about cost I’m reminded that you really do get what you pay for. If a professional comes out to troubleshoot after hours on a 24/7 basis he should be compensated for his dedication and expertise. I feel Eddie charged me a very fair rate for being at my home at 6AM to fit the work in, the impeccable way he executed the job and the amazing level of consideration he gave to not just what I asked for but the well being of me and my loved ones. I will happily turn to him every time I need help with an electrical project in the future.