B K.


If you have serious electrical problems or concerns you must hire this guy! Don’t go for a cheap hourly wage or discounted offers. Eddie has experience, is professional, and will walk you through and verbalize what he is doing and thinking at every step of the way.

We recently had a terrifying experience – smoke from an outlet. After calling Eddie at A24 Electric Company, he was willing to come out a few hours after we spoke on a Saturday. After spending over an hour investigating the problem, the source was not detected.

He next informed us that if the problem arises again, to call him immediately leaving his card and numerous phone numbers.

It returned 24 hours later and Eddie was back. This time, he spent nearly 3 hours performing a detailed, extensive, and labor intensive process of elimination until the problem was found and remedied. We now sleep at ease without fear of fire!

Although there may be cheaper electricians out there, there is no doubt that his 30 years of experience, intelligence, and thorough professionalism is well worth it. Truth be told, he spent nearly 5 hours in total and removed every fixture, testing every outlet, and then found the culprit – the “smoking gun” was a badly wired dimmer switch that few electricians would have considered investigating.

Skip the guys that charge an hourly rate for sub-par work and head straight for Eddie. You can also review his experience and licensing info at the State of California website on electricians and contractors.

We are so grateful for the service Eddie provided and when I asked him if the whole circuit needed re-wiring, he was honest enough to suggest that such a job would cost thousands of dollars and is not necessary as long as we don’t overwhelm the circuit. Wow! A mindful electrician not “seeking” work to make some extra cash.

Its really a no-brainer. Go with A24!