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A 24 Electric Company is the best service for you when need to get Electric Help NOW. Our company provides a wide range of electrical services for commercial and residential properties.

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A 24 Electric Co. is a full service electrical contracting company serving residential and commercial customers in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The company was established on 1985 in San Francisco. We provide full capability electrical contracting for new construction, kitchen and bath renovations, main electrical service upgrades, underground conversions, door bell and intercom repair and installation, phone lines, smoke detectors, exterior and interior lighting, code violation repair, issue permits and get projects inspected, condo conversions, retrofits and service modifications, and, just about anything relating to wiring, line and low voltage. From design to finish, we provide the expertise to ensure your electrical project is completed on time, on budget and to code. We understand that service interruptions are an inconvenience and cost you productivity so we focus on providing expedient services to get you back online as soon as possible without risking the safety of your valuable electrical equipment. A 24 Electric Co. serves its customers with a commitment to service and value. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time. We use only top of the line tools and materials and provide personalized service and affordable rates. We appreciate your interest and look forward to helping you with all your electrical needs.

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At A 24 Electric Co., we go out of our way not only to offer comprehensive solutions for all your residential electrical needs; we also provide you with the information and resources you need to make educated decisions about which solutions are best for you. We are here to assist you with any electrical problem and ready for troubleshooting 24/7 including weekends and holidays. FREE ESTIMATES: 
We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate over the phone. Just call our office at 415-664-6611, to set up an appointment.
Our services : Estimating Services – Providing estimates for hard bids, design-build, conceptual budgets and project updates. Design Build Services – Allows us to effectively manage scope within predetermined budgets and make engineering changes at an expedited rate. Project Management – Each project is assigned a project manager to ensure the job stays on schedule and within budget. Scope Capabilities – Includes site and interior lighting, switchgear & power, UPS, generators, high voltage, utilities, grounding, lightning protection, fire alarm, security, industrial controls & monitoring. A 24 Electric Co., provides electrical installation and service for commercial and industrial jobs. We have extensive experience with troubleshooting, repairs and installations. We can perform ground up construction and complete all the site work, i.e., site power, main feeders, panels, and lighting. Whether a new facility or remodel improvements, we have the experience to manage your entire electrical construction needs. Our tenant improvement projects have ranged from modest changes to complete renovation.

Residential Services

• Service & Panel Replacement • Troubleshooting & Repair • Electrical Code Corrections • Hot Tubs & Spas Wired ChooseHotTubsDirect.com. • 120 & 220 Volt Circuits • Outlets & Switches Installed • 3 Phase Installation and repair • Home Lighting Design • Fan Installation • Electrical Inspections • Electrical Upgrade • Electrical Troubleshooting • Specialty Receptacles • Soffit Outlet Installation • Circuit Breaker Replacement • Ballast and Bulb Replacement • Intercom and Doorbell Installation and Repair • Landscape Lighting • Motion Sensors • Wiring Upgrade • Smoke / CO Detectors • Transfer Switches • Dedicated Circuits • Home Electrical Safety • Ceiling Fan Installation • Lighting Controls • EV Charger Installation

Commercial Services

• New Construction • Restaurants, Retails • Tenant Improvement • Remodeling • Manufacturing Facilities • Commercial Office/Retail Space • Warehouse Facilities • Power Distribution Systems • Lighting Systems and Controls • UPS and Generator Systems • Service upgrades Transformers • Panel and subpanel installations/ upgrades • Power, Service, Distribution and Control • Architectural lighting • Trouble Shooting • Outdoor/Parking Lot Lighting • HID Lighting and Control • Emergency and backup lighting systems • Building Lighting and Landscape • Conduit Wiring, branch and feeders • 3-phase wiring • Circuit installation and repair • Rewiring • Lighting installation and repair • Transformers • Sign illumination • Security Backup Lights • Parking lot lighting installation and repairs • Trenching, underground • Interior/Exterior Lighting Upgrades • Machine Wiring – Regular Maintenance • Equipment Upgrades • Emergency and backup lighting systems • Testing & Repair • Information/Data Centers • Fiber optic design and installations • AC and DC Power Systems • Voice / Data Construction • Computer/phone wiring/Cat 5 • Solar Installations • Value Engineering • Maintenance contracts • Code Corrections • Load Studies and Analysis • 24/7 Emergency Service & Repair

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  1. I’ve been a client of A 24 since before there was a yelp. I was always extremely satisfied with their quick response and professionalism. I recently occurred to me to contact them to help with a Comcast wiring/equipment issue that impacts my cable, internet and telephone. Comcast had been unable to properly diagnose or fix their own mistakes after more than (believe it or not) 10 visits. A 24 came on time and fully prepared, listened carefully, worked through the problem, and solved it in one visit. Experience counts! I won’t use anyone else.

  2. This guy is the BEST!I had a restaurant filled with people and the 220 volt coffee machine broke down! After calling at least half a dozen electricians that either not answered or put me off, Eddie arrived within fourtyfive minutes, assesed the situation, repaired the problem and brought me back to full operation. The entire troubleshooting and reapir took him less then half an hour and he saved me from loosing on an entire night of oeffee service to my clients and loss of hundreds of dollars.

  3. I made an mid-week, evening emergency call to Eddie, who arrived within an hour to help. Within 15 minutes he had diagnosed the problem in my apartment, even warned me of a few electrical fire hazards that I wasn’t aware of. What I really liked was that he took the extra time to explain everything to me.

    Eddie is everything you could want in an electrician – knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

  4. I had a power issue in my apartment for quite sometime and once the property manager gave the go ahead to get it fixded Eddie contacted me immediately. He was at my apartment in no time and did his diagnostic checks while walking me through the whole process. His analysis was spot on and he was able to pinpoint the issue, which was amazing seeing that the switch boxes had been plastered over previously in a remodeling. Eddie was professional the whole time and found numerous hazards which could have led to signifcant damages down the road. I would hire Eddie again immediately if I ever came across something electrical I needed taken care of, he was top notch!

  5. Eddie is the MAN! I can’t say enough about this electrician. He came out on a Sunday on time and reset the wiring system so that our lights would turn on within about 15 minutes. And who can beat a free estimate? He explained the issues in a way so that I could understand what was wrong and what needed to be done. If you need an electrician I highly recommend him I will be using him for a long time!Very Nice Man!

  6. If you have serious electrical problems or concerns you must hire this guy! Don’t go for a cheap hourly wage or discounted offers. Eddie has experience, is professional, and will walk you through and verbalize what he is doing and thinking at every step of the way.

    We recently had a terrifying experience – smoke from an outlet. After calling Eddie at A24 Electric Company, he was willing to come out a few hours after we spoke on a Saturday. After spending over an hour investigating the problem, the source was not detected.

    He next informed us that if the problem arises again, to call him immediately leaving his card and numerous phone numbers.

    It returned 24 hours later and Eddie was back. This time, he spent nearly 3 hours performing a detailed, extensive, and labor intensive process of elimination until the problem was found and remedied. We now sleep at ease without fear of fire!

    Although there may be cheaper electricians out there, there is no doubt that his 30 years of experience, intelligence, and thorough professionalism is well worth it. Truth be told, he spent nearly 5 hours in total and removed every fixture, testing every outlet, and then found the culprit – the “smoking gun” was a badly wired dimmer switch that few electricians would have considered investigating.

    Skip the guys that charge an hourly rate for sub-par work and head straight for Eddie. You can also review his experience and licensing info at the State of California website on electricians and contractors.

    We are so grateful for the service Eddie provided and when I asked him if the whole circuit needed re-wiring, he was honest enough to suggest that such a job would cost thousands of dollars and is not necessary as long as we don’t overwhelm the circuit. Wow! A mindful electrician not “seeking” work to make some extra cash.

    Its really a no-brainer. Go with A24!

  7. 5 stars from all over reviews does not surprise me…….you want to pay for the BEST? It is this guy. No ohhhhh yeah well maybe next week kinda deal. Straight up. If he HAS TIME…….he is going to be there in 20 minutes or at least his next spare time frame the SAME DAY. I was so impressed.
    YELP is the BEST by the way or we would not have found him…….so, I call in a panic and literally Eddy is at our doorstep 3 hours later……..HOLIDAY TIME…omg. We almost kissed his feet. Very hard to find a repairman so close to Christmas.
    Eddie saved the day………and actually……..LITERALLY gave us our power back to light our Xmas tree……..and have the best Xmas ever when it could have been a very cold and light less few days . Very thankful as we had a house full of guests.

    Well……..there is one in San Fran and not only will he fix your problem but he is probably the best guy in the area. He is pricey but worth it if you want the job done. No more………calling in another guy later. He takes pride in his work………..that was very clear to me.

    We were VERY grateful this 2011 Xmas , had the twinkling Xmas tree DUE TO EDDIE and …….stayed warm……..DUE TO EDDIE…….,,,mmmmmm last minute in an emergency EDDIE was there for us. So if you want a guy who gets the job done the right way the FIRST TIME………you call Eddie.

    Cause he is the BEST IN OUR AREA. period.
    5 stars straight up.


  8. The price that Eddie charges demands a high standard. He delivers it and more. I was initially disappointed. We had a problem that couldn’t be resolved. Frustrated that I had paid and not had my problem resolved, I had commented about my dissatisfaction on this board. He came back a few days later, went through the problem and got the whole thing resolved! He had to come back not only once but twice! Thanks, Eddie. Great service!

  9. Eddie is expertly knowledgable, prompt, polite, and takes the time to educate you about your electrical situation and how to solve it most efficiently. He also cares about satisfying his customers. I highly recommend him for your residential contracting needs.

  10. Wonderful service! Edward came same day and fixed multiple problems in a very old and difficultly wired house. He is very nice, and he explained everything and gave lots of good advice.

  11. I called Eddie around 11am and he came the same day before 1pm. He is very knowledgable, as well as friendly, quick, and funny. He even helped with an additional electrical problem I had, and gave me advice on how best to manage it. I would definitely use Eddie again.

    Just as an FYI, he prefers cash or check.

  12. I literally created a yelp account right now just to post about how Eddie got me out of a Jam. I needed electrical and HDMI cables ran to a high profile customer’s flat wall mounted TV over a fireplace by end of day in a difficult to wire older home. The TV had to have all cabling, including a DC power brick and HDMI connectors recessed into the wall.

    Not only did Ed take the time to thoroughly plan and explain the course of action, he was extraordinarily careful to not make a mess, clean up after himself, did a freaking fantastic job, and finished on time.

    Personally he’s a fairly funny guy, but first and foremost he’s a professional.

    Not the least expensive electrician, but he does things right the first time, and no mickey-mouse work.

    I cannot recommend him enough.

  13. Eddie is awesome. My circuit breaker was broken late on a Sunday night and he came very quickly, promptly replaced it, and went above and beyond to explain the source of my problem. He’s a smart and personable guy, and a pleasure to work with.

  14. We called Eddie based on the great reviews here, and we were not disappointed. He did an excellent job, explained everything to us clearly, and we were happy to have worked with him

    We live in an older home in the sunset, and our electrical wiring was badly in need of updating–we kept blowing the circuits each time we ran our microwave and toaster together. Eddie did a thorough inspection and gave us a kind of “triaged” approach to addressing our electrical issues for the safety of our home. We are working in 2 stages to update our system and have complete confidence that we are in expert and capable hands.

    I noticed that some thought Eddie was too expensive, but we felt that he took the time to do the job right, and explained everything to us clearly. He obviously has a depth of knowledge and expertise from all of his years of hands on electrical work.
    Really, we sleep better at night knowing our wiring is safe. We definitely recommend Eddie.

    Not the cheapest, but really the best.

  15. Love this guy ! Professional. very nice, fair, speedy – really top-notch.
    Highly recommend his services. (I was referred by my also excellent plumber, Master Plumbing).
    Now, I am one of the rare few who has both an electrician and a plumber that I can trust. And love.

  16. Had an emergency at our very busy coffee roasting business, some years back, leaving us without power to the roaster. A 24 Hour Electric came across to the East Bay within a half hour and was able to get the roaster up and operating. We had minimal downtime and all of our orders were out the same day. I was so impressed that we used them the entire time we owned the business and they continue to do all work on my home as well. Extremely competent,and skilled. Has my highest recommendation.

  17. Wonderful safe and elegant electric work !
    Timely repairs, cleanly done, safety first and fairly priced, what more could one ask when ones electrical starts to act up.
    Referred by a co worker, A 24 Electric & Solar patiently answered all of our questions on the phone and arrived in short order, after looking over our electrical issues he set to work to get us safely back up and running.
    Very, very pleased with A 24 Electric & Solar.
    Will certainly use A 24 Electric & Solar again, already referring to neighbors and friends.

  18. Listen, the guy runs an emergency electrician service! It’s going to cost a little more than regular normal service. You don’t complain about that PBR costs more at the corner store right across from your house as compared to the Safeway 10 blocks away. Maybe he’s not the guy to fix a longstanding doorbell issue, but if you have a bonafide electrical emergency (and albeit those are kinda rare) then this is the guy to call.

    Anyway, I had an emergent need for an electrician. Called my regular electrician, obviously since it is Labor Day weekend it goes to voice mail. Called a couple other electricians on Yelp.. no answer. Google “Emergency electrician SF”, and Eddie’s company comes up.

    He picks up on the third ring, I talk with him about the problem (I was out of town so I had to describe everything on the phone). From talking with him it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing. I have dealt with a lot of subs being the GC on a large home remodel/renovation and the guy is thorough.

    Eddie fixed my electrical issues the same day and the job was done right. Yes, I paid a little more than if I had scheduled with an electrician two weeks out and got it done and that hurts a little, but on the other hand I also got my problem competently solved on Labor Day weekend. I don’t like paying $10 at the bar for a $2 beer either but that is how things work in the world.

    I think Electrician SF is providing a needed service and if I have another electrical emergency I would not hesitate to call him again.

  19. I highly recommend Eddie. look no further.

  20. My circuit breaker was fried on a Sunday night. Eddie came promptly, did his job promptly, and went above and beyond in explaining to me the source of my problem. Very friendly, personable, and smart. I highly recommend him.